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24 Essential Copic Color Strings by alamedyang 24 Essential Copic Color Strings by alamedyang
Download for a blank PDF that you can print and color yourself. :)

These markers were selected from Copic Sketch 72A through 72D. (When I eventually acquire 72E, I might change this a little.) The color strings were designed for drawing human beings, hence the numerous E-group colors.

This selection totals 144 marker/pens when including the liners and the gel pen, meaning the whole collection will fit in two 72-slot Copic wallets -- very good for drawing on the go. So far this selection has held up well for me, although I have missed a few variations of yellow when drawing blondes. (After more testing I may switch out some of the colors.) Edit: I forgot to include space for the black multiliners in the chart -- I use Brush, .7, .3, .1, and .03.

NOTE: BV00 seems to have degraded into a pink color -- I guess it's not that lightfast. I'm not sure if any of the other colors have changed, but when I check I'll update this note. See below.

EDIT: I am currently performing a lightfastness test on these 114 colors, largely to establish a timeframe for the colors' degrading. When I acquire set 72E I will perform a similar test on all 358 Copic colors.

UPDATED NOTE: BV00 degraded very quickly, within 24 hours of light exposure it had become even pinker than seen above. I know from experience that BV000 and BV01 are similarly unstable and in fact had chosen BV00 because of its relative stability -- but apparently it's worse off than I thought. A surprise, though, was B91, which became almost invisible during the same time period, something I didn't notice when I first uploaded this chart (originally B91 was a perfect step between B93 and white paper). I will reconsider my decision to omit B93 from this selection after further tests. Other colors from this chart have degraded as well, but not nearly as dramatically, and over weeks instead of a day or two, most significantly: B29 has become less intense, slightly more gray (but still darker than B18); B85 has become somewhat more brown; YG00s, particularly the light and dark colors, are less vibrant; and the light and medium EXXs are slightly paler, though they still present a similar gradient curve. I will continue the tests over the next few months, and upload my results on this account when I feel the colors have reached their degradation potential.
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